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Spirit of the Frontier

Wingless is the original score to the film of the same name. It was composed by Tom Menary and released on 21st April, 2010, one day after the film's release.


The first ideas and demos for Wingless were created in February and March of 2011, with the theme of what would become "The Wingless March" created on 19th March, four days before filming began. Several cues were created prior to filming, including a version of "The Wingless Sting", "The Hill" cue that became incorporated into "Call to Adventure", and a demo of "The Wingless March". "The Flying Sequence" and "Upwards! (Roll Credits)" were completed after the film's first edit.

The film's main theme was inspired by and partially based on John Lennon's Imagine, though the overall tone of the marches and flying sequences were inspired by John Williams' score for Superman: The Movie. The very end of "The Flying Sequence" features a brief snippet of Williams' Superman March, and "Upwards! (Roll Credits)" uses the first two passages as its backbeat, sychronized with the Wingless March theme. The guitar track in "Call to Adventure / The Hill" was inspired by "Camille's Story" from Quantum of Solace by David Arnold.

Track listingEdit

Thirteen tracks with a total running time of 8:51.

  1. "The Wingless Sting" [0:14]
  2. "The Wingless March" [1:30]
  3. "Distant Voice" [0:23]
  4. "The Spark" [0:40]
  5. "Call to Adventure / The Hill" [1:30]
  6. "Summit" [0:54]
  7. "The Flying Sequence" [0:53]
  8. "Upwards! (Roll Credits)" [0:24]
  9. "The Hill (Isolated)" [0:12]
  10. "The Flying Sequence (Take One)" [0:50]
  11. "Upwards! (No drums, no backbeat)" [0:24]
  12. "A Discovery (Unused)" [0:31]
  13. "Monolith Scream" [0:26]

Other usesEdit

The guitar pattern of "Call to Adventure" was adapted for use in the score to Spirit of the Frontier, appearing briefly during a scene in which Cash and Yanaba follow tracks in the forest. On the soundtrack release, it closes out track four, "There Used to Be Frontiers".

The main theme from Wingless was later adapted for Cloud Dance, heard several times throughout the score cue. It is also used as the basis for "Wingless Hill" from the Dartmoor instrumental album.

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