Capsule 06

The Wetheral on Sam's viewscreen.

"Reading suggest a cascade power failure in the starboard fusion coils. Fail-safes triggered the launch of the capsule."
―Pod on the destruction of the Wetheral[src]

The Wetheral[1] was a NASA spacecraft and part of the fleet of vessels that departed Earth with the astronaut Sam aboard. The Wetheral served as Sam's mothership until its destruction in deep space.


Capsule 07

The ship's destruction.

"Pod, where's the ship?"
―Sam to Pod[src]

The ship was custom-built, and contained twelve[1] training capsules for on-board astronauts, as well as human-interface diagnostic computers such as Pod. It was launched from Houston along with other ships of the fleet, and rendezvoused in orbit above the planet.

The Wetheral suffered a catastrophic systems failure while Sam was conducting a training exercise aboard one of the capsules. The starboard fusion coils suffered a complete failure, resulting in the power surge that obliterated the vessel. Prior to this, fail-safes triggered the launch of all capsules, though Sam's was the only one known to have escaped the explosion. At the time of its destruction, the Wetheral was around twenty million miles from Earth.

Sam watched a recording of the Wetheral's destruction aboard his capsule after waking from a mild concussion sustained during the eject sequence.

Rae Wetherill's ship

Rae Wetherill's model.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Capsule, the Wetheral was a custom model-kit constructed by Rae Wetherill, for whom the ship was named (although the name itself does not appear in either the film or the script, where it is referred to simply as "the ship"; it was first coined in the short story adaptation by Tom Menary).[1]

The model-kit was shot on greenscreen on 2nd February, 2011, with the live-action footage later combined with Adobe After Effects work to create the explosion. The ship is only seen briefly on Sam's viewscreen while the character witnesses its demise.