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The Time Traveller's Theme

Tom Menary

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October 31, 2010


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The Passage of Time

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"The Rival's Theme"

The Time Traveller's Theme is the main theme from The Passage of Time, composed by Tom Menary. It represents Old Tom, though is also used to underscore Young Tom's decisions to alter his future.


The theme was created prior to The Passage of Time, as a "mystery theme" based somewhat on the theme from "This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home" by Murray Gold. It is used throughout the film, from the opening Wingless Sting to the finale and end credits. The soundtrack includes a bonus track, titled "The Time Traveller's Theme", which presents the motif in a short suite version.

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The theme was intended for reuse in An Itch in Time. Although the project was cancelled during production, a soundtrack was released featuring several variations on the motif. It also appears in minor form in The Time Collector, and inspired the Collector's Theme from that score.



The Time Traveller's Theme

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