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The Rival
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Jim Elton

"I am watching over you."
―The Rival to the Captive[src]

The Rival, also known as AM, was an unidentified man who trapped the Captive inside the White Room. He incarnated himself inside the Room to further torment the Captive, before leaving him to his fate. In the real world, the Rival became friendly with the Captive's girlfriend, Ellen, as an act of revenge against his foe.


"I'm the King of the Castle, and you're the dirty rascal!"
―The Rival to the Captive[src]
The Rival

The Rival in the White Room.

The true identity of "The Rival" remained unknown, though he may have been part of the student group who explored an apparently haunted building in 2010, and had an altercation with the group leader. He disappeared along with his friends during the events of that night.

At some point, the Rival created the White Room, a temporal space maintained within a green marble which he kept about his person. He used this metaphysical prison to hold the Captive, and tormented him in the form of a sing-song voice from the heavens. He refused to identify himself, claiming only that he was "watching over" his prisoner, and portrayed himself as a small god of his kingdom. He initially seemed to have no underlying reason for keeping the Captive bound, dodging the question with circular comments. However, he was aware that he had separated the Captive from his friends, and knew full well he was acting like a sadist.

However, when the Captive tried to fight back, the Rival incarnated himself, masking his face with a scarf and a hood, and stated that he hated the Captive. He cited the other man's apparent disregard for his friends, and claimed he did not deserve his girlfriend, Ellen. He still refused to identify himself, and left the Captive inside the White Room, implying that he would be trapped there for years.

In the outside world, the Rival paid a visit to Ellen, with whom he had begun a relationship. She asked about the green marble, though the Rival simply tossed it away, stating that it was something he had "been playing with", but had grown tired of the game.

Behind the scenesEdit

The green marble

The Rival's marble.

"Life is a game."
―The Rival to the Captive[src]

The Rival was portrayed by Jim Elton.

The character was intended to form part of a spiritual story arc beginning with Possession and the unreleased Protection. It was to have been implied that the Rival was responsible for the protagonist's capture by supernatural forces in Possession, as an act of revenge against the arc character of the Protector. Bounded reveals the Captive's fate, and shows the Rival claiming the Protector's girlfriend as his prize.

In the script of Bounded, the Rival is known as "AM" (though never addressed as such); a reference to the apparently omnipotent, sadistic supercomputer from Harlan Ellison's short story, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, from which the film borrows several themes and ideas.


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