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The Passage of Time

Tom Menary

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October 31, 2010

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"The Time Traveller's Theme"

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The Passage of Time



The Passage of Time is the original score to the 2010 time travel film of the same name, and is the first original soundtrack composed by Tom Menary for Wingless Films.


The score was completed after filming was completed, though was based on an established motif dubbed as a "mystery theme", later known as "The Time Traveller's Theme". This appears as a shortened variant in the first track, which uses an early version of the Wingless Sting over the production card. The theme is established within the film in "Tom Times Two", as Old Tom states he is from the future. This track uses repetition of certain phrases on the piano, to suggest an echo as both Toms come face to face. The track originally ended with a musical reference to "Little Amy" from Murray Gold's Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack, though the final version largely obscures the motif.

Another Doctor Who reference appears in "Really Complicated, and a Little Bit Boring", with an unfinished statement of "I Am the Doctor". Prior to this, several notes of Alan Silvestri's Back to the Future theme underscore Young Tom asking about the nature of time travel. The up-and-down melody that opens the track, following Old Tom as he walks across the room, uses the same three notes as the "Love Theme".

"The Future Is in Glossop" contains versions of "The Time Traveller's Theme" in addition to a minor, descending theme later identified in other soundtracks as the "Despair Theme". The soundtrack ends with several more renditions of the theme, including a brief, album-only version as the ninth and final track.

The soundtrack was first released on October 31, 2010, and on in March 2011.

Track listingEdit

Eight tracks with a total running time of 6:33.

  1. "Opening / Working & Sleeping" [0:37]
  2. "Tom Times Two" [0:53]
  3. "Really Complicated, and a Little Bit Boring" [1:07]
  4. "The Future Is in Glossop" [1:10]
  5. "Abnormality" [1:09]
  6. "Parting Ways and Words" [0:37]
  7. "Departure / The Passage of Time" [0:41]
  8. "End Credits (The Time Traveller's Theme)" [0:19]
  9. "The Time Traveller's Theme" [0:43]


The Wingless Sting originally composed for this score would be reworked as the modular intro music for several further Wingless Films productions, beginning with the next release, Bounded. In each appearance, the cue presented a short statement of a musical theme from the film's score. It was last heard at the end of Desert of Two Devils (2012).

The Time Traveller's Theme was intended for use as the main theme of An Itch in Time (2011), although the project was ultimately cancelled. An album of music composed for the film in advance was released on July 29, 2011,[1] containing several variations of the theme.[2] The theme was reprised briefly in The Time Collector (2012), and formed the basis of the Collector's theme.

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