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Church of St Michael, Princetown


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Sanctuary is a short by Wingless Films, filmed and set in the Church of St Michael and All Angels in Princetown, Dartmoor. It stars Tom Menary as a man pursued by his demons who seeks sanctuary inside an empty church. The film was produced with the assistance of Thomasin Westcott and the Churches Conservation Trust, and was directed by Jim Elton.

The monologue delivered by Tom contains references to the history of the church, notably its construction by inmates of Dartmoor Prison during the Napoleonic Wars.




Production and releaseEdit

The concept for Sanctuary was provided by local photographer and guest house owner Mike Kinsey, who introduced Jim and Tom to the Church of St Michael as a potential filming location. Initial ideas for the story were developed in May and June 2011; a proposed concept from May 17 focused on a hermit living in the abandoned church, described as "Gollum-like", whose rambled mutterings help a heart-broken woman named Kathy come to terms with her situation. By May 25, the protagonist was an avowed atheist who is confronted by his lack of faith after seeking shelter in the church. This version, while introducing the idea of a character looking for sanctuary, featured a supernatural angle by depicting a mysterious, white orb as the demon giving chase to the running man.

The church was scouted on June 7, 2011.[2] Information on the history of St Michael's, provided by Mike Kinsey, was worked into a draft script written on the same day, which was revised into the final, shooting script on June 16.

St Michael's held a Mid-summer Tea Party on June 19, attended by Jim, Tom and Mike, where footage and interviews were shot for the documentary short, All Angels, released by the Churches Conservation Trust a month later.[3] Filming on Sanctuary took place on June 28, and was supervised by both Mike and Thomasin Westcott. Exterior footage was shot from the church's spire, although unused in the film itself.

The film was released on July 3, 2011,[1] with a piano-led score composed by Tom Menary released on the same day. The digital album contains two demos for an alternate main theme that was later utilized as the central motif of Camera Obscura.[4]

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