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Merzhel Chek'at
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Kyen'i tak



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Scout Eighty-Six

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Tom Menary

Merzhel Chek'at, designated in English as Scout Eighty-Six, was an Apneok scout working for Overseer Togh. He surveyed the planet known as Kyen'i tak before his deactivation in preperation for colonization.


Scout 023

Chek'at on Kyen'i tak.

Merzhel Chek'at was a member of the Humanoid Apneok species, and was genetically-engineered as one of the many scouts used by the race for advance surveying of potential colony worlds. Chek'at, under the codename Scout Eighty-Six, was sent to the planet Kyen'i tak under the aegis of Overseer Togh. His praetorship crash-landed on the planet's surface, and Chek'at embarked upon a lengthy walk across the verdant landscape.

During his journey, the scout's oxygen feed was cut off, forcing him to abandon his life-support mask. Finding the atmosphere breathable, Chek'at reported back to base, informing Togh that the world was acceptable for habitation. Though Chek'at hadn't yet realized, Togh decided the scout's mission was at an end, and congratulated him. Understanding, Chek'at attempted to fight the inevitable, but Togh deactivated him, sending a signal into Chek'at's genetically-modified brain that instantly shut down all lifesigns. Chek'at fell to the ground, dead, before the full-scale colonization effort was launched.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scout 006

Scout Eighty-Six walking the world.

Merzhel Chek'at was created for the short film Scout, though his name is not spoken in the film, and he is identified only as "Scout Eighty-Six" in supplementary material.[1] The name is derived from the Armenian for "scout", and "chek'at" translates from the fictitious Apneok language as "eighty six". The character was played by Tom Menary.

A full translation of the character's dialogue was appended to a dialogue test video uploaded by Tom.[2] His final line ("ke dut getmek na'brel") translates as "I don't want to go", a reference to the Tenth Doctor's last words from the Doctor Who episode, The End of Time, Part 2.



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