Chase the Dragon
Chase the Dragon

Jim Elton


Tom Menary

Music by

Tom Menary

Publication information

20th September, 2011[1]


Canon 550D

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Camera Obscura

Chase the Dragon is the nineteenth short released by Wingless Films, and the first to be filmed in and around Bridgwater, Somerset. Created and directed by Jim Elton, it stars Tom Menary as a drug-taker who experiences a hallucinatory trip and finds himself becoming the victim of a dangerous addiction.


Take two of these and call us in the morning....

A Wingless Films production
Shot on location in Bridgwater & The Quantocks

Shot & Directed by Jim Elton
Starring & Scored by Tom Menary

Wingless Films 2011[1]


Dragon 001

The glass of water.

A suburban kitchen. A glass of water in the foreground, beside two pills. A man enters frame, drops one of the pills into the glass and drinks. The drug takes effect, and he slumps to the floor—

Only to awake in a deep, lush forest. Confused, he tries to get his bearings, but quickly becomes wary of something watching him. Stumbling away, he breaks into a run, and is soon fleeing from an unseen pursuer. Bursting out into a wide field, he dashes for a gate, though with his paranoia mounting, it seems as if he's trapped inside his dream-world, running across the field again and again.

He finally reaches the gate and awakens in his kitchen. Getting shakily to his feet, he takes a moment to recuperate—but recalls the second pill on the work surface, and makes a grab for it....


Dragon 010

A watcher in the forest.



  • Jim Elton
    • Creator/director
    • Camera operator
    • Co-editor
  • Tom Menary
    • Co-director
    • Co-editor
    • Music composer


The interior scenes of Chase the Dragon were shot in Bridgwater, marking the first time a Wingless Films production was filmed in the hometown of Jim Elton and Tom Menary. The dream sequences were shot in both Bridgwater (the field) and outside the Quantocks (the forest). The field location had previously been used for the live-action Eternal Silence project Striker.

A rough edit of the film was completed on 11th September, 2011, and the finished film was released on the 20th, after composition of an original score by Tom Menary.


Main article: Chase the Dragon (soundtrack)

The original soundtrack to Chase the Dragon was composed by Tom Menary in September 2011, and released to alongside the film. The digital album release contains two theme demos as bonus tracks.[2]

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